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Factors that Affect the Cost of Getting a Fresh Coat of Paint

Getting a fresh coat of paint on our house means a lot to it. But before you start on such a job, you have to know what charges you are facing. There are certain variables that affect what price you will pay for such painting. Here are the important factors painting contractors look at when making their estimates.
They will look at the size of the house. Naturally, a bigger house shall be expensive to paint. Apart from that, the surfaces to be painted will also add up the cost. Walls by themselves are not expensive to paint, but the cost will go up if there is addition of window sills, doors, baseboards, and other surfaces. They also, look at what stuff they have to move. The more furniture they have to move, the more they will charge for it. The more floors they have to move, the more they will charge or their work.
They will also look at what makes up the exterior of the house. If it is complicated, that shall be more work and therefore more expenses. Where there are walls made of brick or stone, you can expect a lot of prep work, primer and paint to be needed, thus more expenses involved. Where there are different materials used on the surface, there will be more work and expertise needed, thus more costs involved.
They also factor in the type of paint to be bought, apart from the number of gallons needed. Different brands price their products differently. An excellent painting contractor shall go for high-quality paint, which shall not be cheap. If this becomes too expensive for your budget, you can ask them to look for more affordable paints in the market. If you want amazing work that will last longer, you will have to allow them to use the best paint. You also have to know which accessories shall be included, such as the plastic for covering the floors and furniture, painter’s tape, masking paper, solvents, and others.
You must include the labor costs. There are the charges for the painting job as well as the complexities involved in the painting. Complexities come about when they have to do texturing, carpentry, and detail work, prep work, replacement of rotten wood, and other things so as to make the surface to be painted ready.
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